Kris Kibak's Personal Website / Programming Playground

Kris Kibak - Ragnar Relay 2013, Florida Keys

 Web site to follow! This is where I'll be posting some of my programming related practice and "for-fun" type projects. Nothing serious, just a little playground for me to relearn some PHP, javascript, and maybe even fool around with some Python and jQuery. This site is totally unrelated to my affiliation with Instant Checkmate and is not representative of The Control Group, Instant Checkmate, or any other business. Thanks! :)

My last real web development project where I was the main developer was (by modern coding standards I'm sure it's a mess, so don't judge! :)). If I have the time I'd love to revisit the project and modernize it a bit.

As a side note, I've recently begun fooling around with toys I probably should have learned to use long ago. Namely:

  • Code Academy (I strongly recommend this site to anyone who wants to learn to program or make websites!)
  • My Twitter Page
  • My Pinterest Page
  • My Linked In (more a reference than a toy, of course :) )
  • If you're looking for my Facebook, it's here... but unfortunately these days I try to keep it to friends and close colleagues only, so please don't be offended if I don't approve a request. I still love you all :).

If you'd like to get in touch with me, please don't try to send an email--I just get too many to keep track of and they usually get lost or buried. Instead, try sending me a Linked In message. From my experience, it's more efficient than email.

UPDATE on 10/5/2013: A few local news agencies recently ran articles on The Control Group. The San Diego Community News ran an article featuring the growth of The Control Group, and our recent charity contribution to Together We Bake. Similarly, ABC 10 news ran another piece covering the $10,000 donation. Pretty cool!